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Anti Choking Device for Kids and Adults is a non-invasive rescue suction device that delivers effective suction-based airway clearance in an emergency of airway obstruction.

The choking rescue device has a short suction time. The duration of aspiration is extremely short, making the device safe and effective. Every second counts in an emergency and it is a life-saving device.

The LongMed Choking Rescue Device includes three masks – two for practical applications, one for practice, and a practice manual – that can cover both adults and children. The practice mask ensures that the user is familiar with its working mechanism before an emergency occurs.

Choking Suction Devices are small, lightweight and easy to use – simple enough that you can use them on yourself in a choking emergency. They can be carried in a backpack, glove box or first aid kit for home, school, travel and outdoors.

Suction-based Anti Choking Device are already in use in nursing homes across the country, and a campaign is under way to make them more widely available. No one really expected first aid. But always keep an Airway Clearance Device on hand to protect you and your family.

LongMed - Choking Rescue Device Anti Choking Device for Adult and Children Emergency

Anti choking device first aid device

Anti choking device, also known as a choking rescue device or anti choking apparatus, is a medical device designed to assist in clearing a person’s airway when they are choking on a foreign object, such as a piece of food or a small object. Choking is a life-threatening emergency that occurs when a person’s airway is partially or completely blocked, making it difficult or impossible for them to breathe.

There are also anti choking devices that automate this process and can be used by individuals without specific training. These devices are designed to create a forceful suction or compression to clear the airway and remove the obstruction. They are typically used in settings where immediate access to trained medical personnel may not be available, such as in restaurants, schools, or homes. These devices can be particularly helpful for individuals who may not be physically capable of performing the Heimlich maneuver effectively.

Why should we buy a Anti Choking Device?

Here are some sobering stats:

1.Choking is the 4th leading cause of accidental death.

2.At least 3 children choke to death on food or other objects around the world each day.

3.One child dies from choking in the US every 5 days.

4.Over 12,000 chidren visit an ER in the US because of food-related choking every year.

5.About 95% of choking death occur in the home enironment.

6.Choking is the leading cause of death in people over 65.

Anti choking device first aid emergency Kit

The Longmed Anti Choking Device quickly and safely clears obstructed airways in cases of emergency asphyxiation, potentially saving lives. Given the prevalence of choking incidents, this device is an indispensable tool for families, caregivers, and anyone making choking prevention a priority.

What are the features of Longmed Anti Choking Device?

  • The special double one-way valve is both safe and effective.
  • Anti choking device is a non-invasive device that provides you peace of mind in emergency situations.
  • Easy to use – simple enough to use on yourself in emergency situations.
  • Includes two different-sized masks and a practice mask, along with a practice manual.
  • Compact and lightweight, easy to carry, they can be stored in backpacks, glove compartments, or first aid kits, suitable for home, school, travel, and outdoor activities.
Longmed Anti Choking Device Suction Device
Longmed Anti Choking Device Anti-Choking Apparatus First Aid Emergency Kit

Travel with peace of mind and take the Anti Choking Device with you

You never know when this choking emergency might strike.

We are committed to having Longmed Anti Choking Device in every home, school, hospital, restaurant, and in every ambulance, fire truck, and emergency vehicle, so that more people have the ability to respond to emergencies.

Protect yourself and your loved ones from the danger of choking by taking action and being prepared with the appropriate equipment. Arixmed Choking Rescue Device is a non-invasive, portable device designed to quickly and safely clear airway obstructions, prevent choking, and save lives. now and be prepared with Longmed.

Longmed Anti Choking Device are Effective and Reliable

Longmed Anti Choking Device Rescue Choking Device First Aid

In an emergency, reliable and effective rescue equipment can be a lifeline. The Longmed Anti Choking Device is specifically designed for situations in which Heimlich first aid and back slaps have been unsuccessful. Its unique double one-way valve can prevent further air from pushing the obstruction into the airway, while its exhaust valve and non-invasive design ensure that it will not cause secondary harm to the human body. It can be used proficiently with only a small amount of training. Furthermore, it is made of high-grade medical materials, which makes it reusable and suitable for long-term storage.

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