Longmed Zip Stitch Wound Closure Device

Longmed Zip Stitch Wound Closure Device is also known as medical skin surface suturing device, tension reducer. It is a new type of surface suture apparatus that uses the skin’s own tension to close the skin surface non-invasively, and has the advantages of non-invasive scar, light inflammatory response, gradual reduction of tension, and beautiful healing.

The product consists of a pull buckle assembly, imported medical tape, and release paper/PET film. When used, the medical tape fixes the skin surface on both sides of the incision, and when the tie is pulled out, the skin is pulled towards the center line of the incision, so that the skin edges on both sides of the incision are turned out parallel and closely together, and the pull buckle assembly is used to automatically lock the tension-reducing suture force that has been applied to the incision to counteract the tension of the incision. It achieves the purpose of non-invasive, open, exfoliating, tension-reducing suture closure of the incision.

Longmed Zip Stitch Wound Closure Device
Wound Closure Device ZipStitch Wound Sutures
Longmed Butterfly BandAid Steri Strip Wound Sutures

Features of Longmed Zip Stitch Wound Closure Device
1、Easy to achieve skin exfoliation suture, presenting the most beautiful epidermal healing effect.
2、Fixed epidermal wound reliably, strong tension resistance, safe to use.
3、Uniform reduction of tension, no centipede foot scars, correct alignment, no misalignment pulling together.
4、No secondary trauma, no puncture pain, no foreign body invasion, does not affect the blood supply
5、Wound exudate can be discharged, easy to clean the wound and avoid wound infection. Promote wound healing.
6、Convenient operation, save time and effort. Only simple training is needed to operate.
7、No wound shape and size restrictions, widely used.
8、Easy and fast removal after healing, free of painful removal of the line.