How long does steri strips stay on?

Steri Strips also known as surgical adhesive strips or wound closure strips, are typically designed to stay on for about 5 to 10 days. However, the exact duration can vary depending on several factors, including the location of the wound, the individual’s skin type, and how well the strips are applied.

  1. Face and neck wounds: Steri-Strips on wounds in these areas may be removed after 5 to 7 days.

  2. Other body areas: For wounds on other parts of the body, Steri-Strips can typically stay on for 7 to 10 days.

  3. Moisture and activity level: Exposure to moisture, excessive sweating, or high levels of physical activity can weaken the adhesive and cause the strips to peel off sooner. In such cases, it may be necessary to replace them earlier.

  4. Healing progress: You should also consider the healing progress of the wound. If the wound has healed well and the edges have come together, you can remove the Steri-Strips sooner. However, if the wound is still open or not healing as expected, it’s best to consult with a healthcare professional before removing the strips.

Steri Strips Wound Skin Closure Kit

Why Longmed ZipStitch Wound Closure Device is more widely used than Steri Strips?

1.Steri strips are only used for the wound which is superficial.If it’s a deep wound you can’t use it and you have to stitch it or use a stapler to staple it.
2.Longmed Wound Closure Device can be used for deep wounds, such as the c-section wounds, site port during the laparoscopic sugeries.
3.The adhesive of steri strips is not enough and it just stay on the skin a few days.The adhesive of Longmed Wound Closure Device is much more stronger as its size is more wider.
4.You can’t adjust it when you use the steri strips to close the wound,but our Longmed Wound Closure Device can adjust it if when you close the wound which is too tight.
5.Longmed Wound Closure Devive has more materials to choose, such as non-woven, PU film,hydrocolloid and etc if you react to one of the materials, but steri strips just one material for option.
6.Longmed Wound Closure Devive has more sizes for different wounds, but steri strips do not.

What is the product information about the Longmed Zip stitch wound closure device?

Zipstitch Plaster Wound Closure Device Registered in MHRA The UK

Longmed® wound closure device is an innovative and non-invasive techniques to close the wound without sutures.

The non-invasive techniques without sutures for wound closure are an affordable option when people cut themselves and can’t make it to the ER. An FDA cleared and CE approved, highest quality, and hospital grade wound closure.The zip-tie strips enable micro-adjustment to precisely close the wound. It’s not only used for accidents, emergencies and first aid kits, but also can be used in the various deparments in the hospitals.
Simple and easy to apply. Its technology has been clinically proven in over a dozen clinical studies to be safe and made with hypoallergenic materials.  Reduces risk of infection and avoids damaging any surrounding skin tissue. Evenly closes from both sides of the wound to provide a quality closure with less scarring.

Wound Closure Device is made of medical nonwoven tape or PU film, a pair of polypropylene hasps and a liner. The tape is a porous non-woven backing coated with a pressure-sensitive hypoallergenic adhesive. The device is a pair of polypropylene hasps that are designed to allow a tight closure of the wound for early healing. The ribbon is to assist application of tension between the two sides of the device.