Zip Stitch Sutures Wound Closure Device Skin Closure Strips

Zip Stitch Sutures Wound Closure Device is a new type of surface suture device that relies skin tension to perform non-invasive suture on the skin surface.It has the advantages of non-traumatic scar.light inflammation and beautiful healing.Wound closure device is also known as medical skin surface stapler,tension-reducer.

Zip Stitch Wound Closure Device consists of a hasps component,imported medical adhesive tope and release paper/PET film The medical adhesive tape fixes the skin surfoce on both sides of the incision.when the ribbonsare pulled out,the skin is dose to the center line of the incision under the traction,so that the skin edges of the incision show eversion and close apposition in parallel.The hasps assembly is used to self-lock reduced suture incision,to resist the incision tension.Achieve,everted,reduced suture incision.With multiple inverted teeth,the product can be applied for edema wounds.

Zip Stitch Sutures Features

No secondary trauma,saving time and effort in post-treatment,no need to remove stitches,and easy removal.Finally,the wound healing scar can be minimized,and the closure degree can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the wound,so as to maintain the benign eversion suture of wound.

Not limited by shape and size of the wound;it is widely used in multiple departments.
No need for intrusion into the skin.greatly relieve the patient’s pain.
It has various specifications and can be combined for use according to the wound condition.

Four stable ribbons to form a parallel force.
Greatly reduce the infection rate of wound.
Easy to operate,save time and labour.
Easy to clean the wound.

Zip Stitch Sutures Clinical Application

Zip Stitch Sutures Longmed Wound Closure Device Emergency Kit
Zip Stitch Sutures Longmed Medical Wound Closure Strip Wound Bandage
Zip Stitch Sutures Zhejiang Longmed Wound Closure Device Skin Strip
Zip Stitch Sutures Zhejiang Longmed Medical Wound Closure Device Skin Strip

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