ZipStitch Wound Closure Device Longmed Zip Strip Sutures

ZipStitch Wound Closure Device is a surgical quality wound closure to help close minor lacerations quickly with no needles or puncturing of the skin. ZipStitch is the most advanced wound closure device available without a prescription. This is the exact same device some doctors are now using in surgery. The zip-tie strips enable micro-adjustment to precisely close the wound.

Zipstitch is an affordable option when you cut yourself and can’t make it to the  ER.An FDA cleared, highest quality, and hospital grade wound closure. Simple andeasy to apply. Its technology has been clinically proven in over a dozen clinical studies to be safe and made with hypoallergenic materials. . Be prepared when accidents happen – anywhere. Needed in every first aid kit for emergency closure of wounds for the just in case incidents. Reduces risk of infection and avoids damaging any surrounding skin tissue. Evenly closes from both sides of the wound to provide a quality closure with less scarring.

How to use Longmed Wound Closure Deivce

Zip Stitch Wound Closure Device Band Aid

Longmed Wound Zip Tie Surgical Closure Device consists of medical adhesive tape and a pair of polypropylene hasps. The tape is porous and non-woven.The polypropylene hasps are designed to allow for a non-invasive zipper sutures wound closure of a wound and to encourage a tight closure of the wound for an early and successful healing.

It is a new technique that reduces any more tissue trauma, improves patient comfort, and may have less scarring after healing.

  1. No nerve deadening injections, sutures, nor staples for skin closure.
  2. No additional tissue damage which is caused by stitches and staples closures.
  3. Precise and unique structure design ensures the sufficient closing force when pulling the two sides of skin together.
  1. Holds the two sides together for quicker healing and less potential of infection.
  2. Easy to apply with irregular lacerations.
  3. Provides an even closure from both sides of the laceration to center the wound. It can be tightened gradually, especially for the edema wounds.
  4. Consists of hypo-allergenic top grade medical adhesive.
  5. The self-locked structure design ensures the ribbons will not be loosened during the healing process.
  1. Decreases potential formation of hypertrophic and keloid scars.
  2. Reduces surgical complexity and speeds up wound closure.
  3. Simple & easy to apply when a trip to the ER is not an option.
  4. Reduces risk of infection and avoids damaging of skin edges and adjacent tissue.
  5. Allows to clearly observe the wound during the healing process and easy to apply daily an anti-bacterial medicine.
  1. Easy to remove after the wound is healed.

What happened to zipstitch?

Zipstitch was designed as an alternative to traditional sutures or staples for closing certain types of wounds. ZipStitch consisted of a flexible adhesive strip with adjustable zip-like fasteners that could be used to close a wound without the need for stitches or staples.It helps reduce the wound tension and less scars.

Zipstitch wound closure device is typically used for minor to moderate lacerations or cuts that do not require extensive surgical intervention. ZipStitch is marketed as a consumer-friendly alternative for first aid treatment of certain wounds.Here are some common scenarios where ZipStitch could be used:
Home and First Aid Kits: ZipStitch is a convenient addition to first aid kits for use in emergencies, outdoor activities, or situations where immediate medical attention may not be readily available.
Minor Lacerations: It is suitable for small to medium-sized cuts or lacerations that would typically be treated with adhesive strips or butterfly bandages.
Low Tension Wounds: ZipStitch is designed for wounds in low-tension areas, such as the arms, legs, or torso.
Post-Surgical Incisions: In some cases, Zip Stitches may be used to reinforce surgical incisions after minor surgical procedures.

Zipstitch Longmed Wound Closure Suture Device
Zipstitch Longmed Zip Strip Sutures Device

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